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Moon Jam 2023 Activities


For this year's Moon Jam, briefs were supplied by colleagues at North Carolina Zoo, Greensboro Science Centre and London Zoo as well as by our co-organisers, Rob Kelly and Paige Bwye.

Everyone discussed all the challenges, then small teams formed to develop ideas during the afternoon. Rob, Paige and Lorna from London Zoo were able to connect remotely to the workshop and offer their feedback on concepts, while Eric and Emily from North Carolina Zoo attended in person and moved around the tables to offer support and advice.

Overviews of the outputs are shown below, with links to more detailed descriptions of the challenges and notes from the teams to follow.

Moon Jam Participants

Mini-Moon-Jam (November 2023)


Moon Jam 2023 Armadillo Output

Moon Jam 2023 Living Coral Output

Moon Jam 2023 Potto v. Bushbaby Output
Moon Jam 2023 Vampire Bats Output

Moon Jam 2023 Aye-aye Output

Moon Jam 2023 Visitor Flash Output

Moon Jam 2023 Fresh Air Output

Moon Jam 2023 flower lights