technology supporting enrichment


Workshop at ACI 2021, to be hosted online in November by Indiana University Bloomsbury

Call for Participation


2018: Parrots, servals, chimpanzees and elephants



2017: Pigs, poultry and goats



2016: Penguins, sea-lions and big cats


What's a ZooJam?

A jam session is an event where musicians improvise together.

A game jam is designed to create space and time for participants to work in teams and rapidly prototype game designs, sharing a common theme and constraints.

A zoojam is an opportunity for people to work on the design of novel enrichment opportunities for (typically) captive animals and corresponding activities that enhance the experience of their visitors and carers.

The annual ACI conference is an ideal venue to hold such a workshop, attracting a diverse mix of participants from academic and animal welfare communities. The outputs are shared with everyone - please follow the links to explore.