SoundJam 2018 is being held on 4th December as a workshop of the Fifth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction, in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is designed to offer participants an opportunity to explore different kinds of auditory enrichment for a range of animals in different environments.

Teams of participants will work together on a small set of briefs provided by domain experts, brainstorming ideas and developing concepts into well-designed blueprints for prototype devices.

The day will be organized along the lines of a traditional gamejam.




Aims and Activities

The workshop aims to:

We plan to undertake the following activities during the event:


Organising committee

Fiona French is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Media at London Metropolitan University. She is course leader for BSc Computer Games Programming. She is currently investigating the design of playful interactive systems for elephants, as part of a PhD in the Animal-Computer Interaction Lab at The Open University.

Reinhard Gupfinger is a university assistant and PhD candidate researcher at the Tangible Music Lab at the University for Art and Design Linz, Austria. He is undertaking a study in the context of Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) by designing musical instruments for grey parrots. Photo shows Reinhard holding acoustic toy for grey parrot.

Paul Kendrick is an acoustic engineer, with a research focus in AI (machine audition). He has been researching how to use acoustic signals to better understand animals and the environment, focusing in particular on analysis of soundscapes to assess biodiversity.

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona (





Call for Participation

This workshop aims to bring together expertise from different disciplines, enabling participants to network and move towards designing and developing exciting new auditory enrichment experiences for a range of animals.

The structure will follow the format of previous years’ ZooJam and FarmJam workshops, which generated a broad range of innovative enrichment concepts in a relatively short time period. The gamejam format shapes the design process by offering both accelerated and constrained design (Kultima 2015 ; Olesen 2017) with different rewards for different participants – some focused on outcomes, others on creativity, some on having learning opportunities, others on networking and finding potential research collaborators. To facilitate this, the workshop outputs will be shared publicly.

We invite participants from a wide range of communities, including but not limited to game design, computer science, engineering, education, HCI and ACI, acoustic engineering, animal behaviour and environmental enrichment. This is an opportunity for those with an interest in animal welfare to share ideas and explore the potential of using acoustic technology to enhance enrichment.

We would like prospective participants to register via the ACI2018 conference website.

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona French: